TV Station Pulls Carnival Out Of Perak ( thestar.com.my )

IPOH: TV3 will not be hosting its crowd-drawing Jom Heboh Carnival in Perak this year.

Revealing this, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin said the top management of the broadcasting station had relayed its decision to the state government during a meeting on Wednesday.

“They have pulled out on their own free will.

“The state government did not at any time instruct them not to hold the event here,” Nizar said at the opening of the 14th annual general meeting of the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) yesterday.

The Jom Heboh Carnival, which features TV3 personalities, consumer products exhibition booths, health activities and forums on issues of public interest, was held for the first time here last May.

In his speech, Macma president Datuk Mustapha Ma voiced the need for a Chinese Muslim mosque to spread the religion among the Chinese community.

“A Muslim is a Muslim. A mosque is a mosque. Whatever the style of a place of worship does not matter but there is need for a Chinese Muslim mosque, not to differentiate but to spread Islam to other Chinese,” he said.

He said the former Perak government had pledged to look for a piece of land for the construction of a Chinese Muslim mosque in the state and RM100,000 seed money.

Speaking to reporters later, Mustapha said Macma would not hold the new state government to promises made by its predecessor.

“We will write in to request. We will not push but will seek its approval,” he added.

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